The internet is full of bad influences.

But it's not her fault,
the best ones are with us.

We provide complete solutions that connect people and brands through influencer marketing crafted with strategy and personality to boost your results.

We connect

Brands & Creators.

Influencers & Businesses.

Business & People.

Influencers & Brands.

We bridge all the pillars of content production and creation for digital campaigns. We make sure that the alignment between all those involved in the process is perfect.

We bring together a collective of skills with high quality production for different niches and media, always seeking to add relevance to the brand and its products.

Partner brands
Campaigns attended
Influencers & Creators in our Community
Followers on your social media

Invest in the present of your business and influence it for a better future.

Our mission is to take your influencer marketing to the next level with a centralized and less bureaucratic process. We know how precious your time is, so we mediate all contact with influencers and content creators.

We carefully manage each step, from the first contacts with influencers and creation of the action to the delivery and performance analysis of the campaign.

Diversified portfolio
Customized deliveries
High impact on results
Agility in delivery
Authenticity and reliability
In the internet age, whoever has the most influence is the king. * In the internet age, whoever has the most influence is the king. * In the internet age, whoever has the most influence is the king. *

Cases of success.

We want to show you the power of our influencer marketing strategy with our cases.


With monthly campaigns running since the beginning of 2022, SHEIN stands out for its investment in influencer marketing, with creative and authentic content that makes influencers anxious for the campaign.


With consistent work, Kroton develops campaigns for its group's colleges, such as Anhanguera, using the power and creativity of our content creators to leverage their presence on social networks.

Mercado Livre

Over 6 months, we had the opportunity to establish a powerful partnership to launch a new video channel on the free market platform, delivering more than 2,000 videos developed by our community of creators.

about us

We find in the power of influence a way to connect people and brands.

In a dynamic and globalized world where companies seek to continuously improve their performance, we are on a mission to simplify processes in the construction of campaigns that strengthen brands on the path to success.

With the right partnerships, you can successfully grow your business and build a relevant online presence for the long term.

A complete and equipped studio
Experts from a variety of niches
Production, editing and marketing team
what we do?

People influence

other people

and we influence your success.

and we

influence your success.

Influence Marketing.

We work through the connection of your brand with the main digital influencers in Brazil. We closely monitor the whole process from briefing, contracts and content validation to delivery and dissemination to the world.

Campaigns attended
Partner brands
Influencers & Creators in our Community
Content creation.

We have a wide portfolio of content creators with expertise in the most diverse niches and we deliver videos for your brand performance by developing the script, execution, editing and delivery.

Different segments
Campaigns per month
Professionals at your disposition
Course creation and sale.

We make your content and expertise a complete training. With our partner studio, we do all the recording and editing, plus marketing with a robust digital marketing strategy to boost your earnings.

Definition of area of interest
Complete production
Hosting of the digital product
Marketing and sales strategies
Consultancy for visual identity creation.

We provide a complete advisory service for the creation of an authentic and powerful visual identity.

Brand identity
Sales materials
Brand kit




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I'm an Influencer

The world loves storytellers and every brand needs someone with that talent to carry their message to the world. Build successful partnerships and monetize your content in a better way.

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I’m a Creator

For those who work with content production and want to expand your portfolio gaining experience and money working alongside prominent brands in the market.

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